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USA USA USA *screams...blood...sirens*

Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by Sandbag, Jul 4, 2014.


Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by Sandbag, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Abaddon
    Pls, I was born on the fourth so I grew up having firework fights.

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  2. Abaddon
    I like how most injuries are from grown adults as well haha.

    Bottle rocket and Roman candle fights, throwing firecrackers at feet to scare the :poop: out of people, breaking sticks off bottle rockets and throwing them in the air and trying to dodge its random flight path, it's all in good fun. Had firecrackers blow up in my hand, been shot by rockets and candles, jumped through fountains , made homemade fireworks, watched uncle shoot his mini cannon, shot my moms best friend with a huge aerial once when the tube tipped over - bounced off her ankle and blew up on the ground showering everyone in sparks lol oops. Never seen an injury besides a funny scare and your ears ringing.

    Although one time my friend wore sandals during a bottle rocket fight and one wedged between his sandal and the top of his foot and he couldn't shake it out in time and it blew a little divot and left him with a pretty nasty burn.

    Kids say no to fireworks.
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  3. PsychoAco
    I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of our FREEDOM

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  4. Sandbag
    The freedom afforded to you by the drones flying over your heads to keep you "safe" ? That freedom?
  5. Supplice
    Still have yet to see a drone in my city and the people here celebrate it with shooting each other and fireworks until their yard/house is on fire. 10/10 can confirm the drones are targeting areas with terrorists residing and the assholes shooting them down are anarchist rebels that don't know :poop:.

    Also I live near a large security area where you need government security clearance to get on the complex. They take apart nukes and :poop: and have some way of defending a pretty huge radius of the area of nukes. Pretty badass. Except for the increased radiation.
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  6. PsychoAco
    Sounds like something a communist would say
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  7. Sandbag

    sent through the air using science
  8. ConstructionZombie
    It should be noted that the guy in the picture doesn't look excited about the 4th, this is official anti-american propaganda because of that. :3