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{PR} Gaming

by Gorian at 9:55 PM
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So, nothing really new, just a clarification for user purposes. All TeamSpeak specialists, including Council Members will have either a "Server Admin" or "Teamspeak Moderator" group in TeamSpeak, to differentiate users who's purpose is to manage TeamSpeak, so that we don't end up in a situation where people just run to the nearest council member. If a council member or tri is available and a dedicated TeamSpeak specialist isn't, feel free to ask for help, but we want to encourage people to run up the hierarchy in TeamSpeak issues, just like any other PR server.
by King8Bit at 7:08 PM
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Go pick it up LINKIE Expired
by Supplice at 2:54 AM
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Hey everybody, I wanted to make a quick thread on etiquette from varying areas on things I've observed lately. This goes for game servers, Teamspeak, pretty much everything. Just some quick, short notes and on a couple particular notes I'd like to propose an April Discussion regarding them, @King8Bit, if you'd like to take a look and start a thread at some point regarding it.

  • Game Servers
    • Here is where I mainly would like to propose a discussion this month as it seems to be a huge deal. Regarding the clan charter, members/players are to approach (in case of a situation) admins and the admins should attempt to resolve the issue. Seeing as there have been slight changes in structure, it should likely be re-worded to include admins then go to Specialists if they can't solve it, Specialists to Council Members, Council Members to Triumvirate.
    • Issue is this doesn't very much get followed. People immediately want...
by Supplice at 11:34 PM
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Update 13: Dark Sectors Full Patch Notes

  • New Warframe, Hydroid, master of the aquatic - able to drown enemies or use tentacles to slam them around.
  • New Gameplay System - Melee 2.0. Adds things like holding F to equip the melee weapon, a stance slot for a fighting stance, a combo system, a channeling mechanic, and more.
  • New End-Game System - Dark Sectors. Build Orokin Lab, research Solar Rail, and dominate the Dark Sectors! Tutorial
  • Can now build an Observatory to view the beauty of space in the Clan Dojo.
  • New weapons - Nikana, a Tenno Katana, Nami and Skyla, a Tenno Cutlass and Dagger, Attica, a Tenno Primary Crossbow, and Lex Prime.
  • New Alliance systems for clans! Clans can build Alliances and contribute resources to each other's dojos.
  • New...
Larry King_resize 1.jpg
by King8Bit at 6:57 PM
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Make sure to RSVP, hope to see you'll there. Event link here

The day of the event there will be a dedicated thread opened for it.
by Supplice at 11:02 PM
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Apologies to Saib/Sandy if they wanted to wait to see how stable this was before abusing it. I really want to see if any perms disappear off people, in other words, abuse it ASAP.

Hey everybody! After a long time of discussing changes to Teamspeak and permissions in general, we can finally introduce a new server instance. I've barely gotten any work done, only all the channels added in and the core groups with more to come, but it's ready to be tested out, used, abused and to get everybody's thoughts on it. Like I said, we've all discussed changes that needed to come to TS, hopefully this one will be more stable (no more random disappearing groups) and more regulated.

Some things that you will notice and hopefully clear up a few things: Since we are sideboarding TS Integration for now, the core groups are basically named Council Member, Specialist, Member, Trainee. We are essentially going to pretend TS Integration works and assign people to the group they would...
by Sandbag at 2:54 AM
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I can't really see this working on a public server, but it is a fun feature, none the less.

View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7_NPDAtpvQ