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{PR} Gaming

by PsychoAco at 2:17 AM
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Hey you.

You should join the official Phantom Rapture Discord server.

Here is an invite link: https://discord.gg/0rEui2wwz9L0h6FD

Join it now, you loser.
by King8Bit at 2:51 PM
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I have to say for an early access game this one is already doing a pretty good job. It's sold 200k copies in the first 48 hours, reached a peak of 64,411 players and still stands at the Top Sellers on Steam since release. The Devs update this game like madmen. I'm talking several updates daily (even on weekends) If you enjoyed DayZ or perhaps Rust and you've wanted a "good" Dinosaur game then this game is certainly worth some playtime. Anyway, for those who own the game and may have been interested to know if PR offers a server. Well you're in luck. We do!

Server Info: or ark.pr-gaming.net
by Supplice at 10:11 PM
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Some important news/noteworthy topics of discussion this week that I wanted to put up here to make sure everybody noticed - also because the TS popup notification has a character limit and I wanted to make sure not to exceed it.

Firstly, we've been working on a server list maintenance for awhile now - basically cleaning up - and not much progress has been made. This might be my own frustrations coming out, but head over there and help out if you can - especially if you were tagged. Otherwise, one week from now, TS channels will be cleaned up quite a bit, likely with some groups, and that's that. You can find that topic here.

Next, we have begun our Triumvirate nominations for the year - be sure to head over to the Member's Only section, members, and nominate your picks for Tri this year. This is generally a pretty big deal and is a fairly lengthy process that will take some time to pick who our...
by Supplice at 3:52 AM
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View the full changelog here.

New Quest: The New Strange
Work with Cephalon Simaris to find the source of a mysterious voice. Something is out there, and it is hunting. Work with Simaris to track it down and discover its true nature.

In order to obtain this new Quest, players above Mastery Rank 5 must first visit Cephalon Simaris in his Sanctuary after completing the Stolen Dreams Quest. From there players can acquire The New Strange and accept it from the Codex once they return to the Liset.

New Warframe: Chroma
A master of the deadly elements, Chroma can alter his damage output by changing his energy coloring. (Obtained from the above quest as far as I know.)
Chroma’s powers include:

Spectral Scream: Exhale a deep breath of elemental destruction. Chroma's energy color determines the element.
Elemental Ward: Depending on Chroma's elemental...
by Supplice at 7:34 PM
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Update: Hey guys, finally figured out what all the random issues was with TS to some degree and it's basically gone. Here's the main problem right now, though, and I don't know if the timing is good or bad - it basically wiped clean all of the groups that were effected below. I can't tell if the few identities left in them were ones reallly old or new ones or what. So Member, Specialist, Council, Channel and Community Manager groups are empty now. Good news is everything is basically back to normal - logs aren't being spammed, I can delete groups again, remove users from them, etc.. No worry of that. It might just take awhile to get everybody assigned back to their groups, so to alleviate potential issues I have temporarily removed the sticky Guest client restriction. Priority is to get Channel and Community Managers assigned back to their groups so they can help add everybody back to their groups, I should be able to get most/all of them back based on groups they are...
by Supplice at 2:10 AM
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As of recently we've been having a "rapid increase" of troll traffic with TS, though I'm seriously thinking it's one, maybe two trolls using VPN or some other method(s) to spoof their IP. If you look at recent ban reports on the site, you'll see Pingu being banned for racism for first entering under a name including the swastika symbols - he was banned from all of our services from a German-based VPN block as well as a home address, and yet popped up again recently while I was away. Trying to work with Saib on getting this solved.

In the meantime - as kind of a temporary, hotfix/bandaid fix until Saib can help me get all this sorted out, I've made a temporary default load in channel for TS be one where it's a disaster of a codec, no talk perms, and people with only Guest group won't be able to move around in TS or anything. I'll make sure they can do things like PM/poke people, and there is a new group called "Friend of {PR}" so those that are around a lot but don't have any...
by Supplice at 7:36 PM
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New Excavation mission to dig for new resource, Cryotic! What to do:
- Play the new Excavation missions!
- The Location of a ‘Scanning Device’ will appear on your minimap for you to locate.
- Collect Power Cells dropped by enemies, and bring them to the Scanner to activate it and keep it powered. You can track your Scanner’s power in the map on your HUD. If it reaches 0%, the process will stall until power is restored.
- Defend the Scanner as it searches for a dig site. Once the Scanner has found a site, it will appear on your map. Proceed to that location to find an Excavator that is digging for artifacts.
- Take caution! Enemy waves will attempt to destroy the Excavator, and you must defend it. The Excavator will also continue to lose power. As with the Scanner, you must collect Power Cells to keep it activated.
- Once the Excavator has uncovered the artifact, you may choose to Extract from the operation or wait for another Scanner and repeat the process.
- There are three...
by Gorian at 6:50 PM
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I am wanting to hear from YOU, the community, about your interest in getting a new tekkit server off the ground. We are looking at a budget of possibly $100 to $200 a YEAR to start (this may vary depending on the host, and the community use, how much we need, etc. Just a rough figure right now), and it would probably require some help from the community as I am not made of money. Feel free to vote, or comment, or both. If there is no interest in paying for a better experience, it doesn't mean that tekkit won't happen - just expect that we may end up in the same boat as that last server... you get what you pay for, and in our case, we got a LOT more than we paid for.
by ConstructionZombie at 11:42 PM
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It's Update 14! Read more at https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/263213-update-14-the-mad-cephalon/

  • New User Experience 2.0 - New Prologue, new Tutorial, much more improved matchmaking system, replaced Loki as starting Warframe with Volt once again (LIKE THE GOOD OLD DAYS! WOOHOO!), and added beginner mods to players doing the tutorial.
  • Quest System - Vor's Prize as the debut quest (FINALLY), new Warframe, Mirage, obtainable through quests, as well as the Kubrow and Genetic Foundry.
  • Player Ship - Introduces Ordis, the Liset's Cephalon (ship AI, so to speak), the Liset provides access to basically everything through contextual devices via the ship - unlocked through Vor's Prize.
  • Diagetic UI - In missions, press ESC to call up a new UI in the palm of your hand. You can see all mission details, including current pickups and mission progress. In the Dojo, it allows for easier decoration placement/editing....