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Interest in a NEW tekkit server?

Discussion in 'Tekkit (Minecraft)' started by Gorian, Aug 3, 2014.

  • by Gorian, Aug 3, 2014 at 6:50 PM
  • Gorian

    Gorian everybody do the flop! Council Member

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    I am wanting to hear from YOU, the community, about your interest in getting a new tekkit server off the ground. We are looking at a budget of possibly $100 to $200 a YEAR to start (this may vary depending on the host, and the community use, how much we need, etc. Just a rough figure right now), and it would probably require some help from the community as I am not made of money. Feel free to vote, or comment, or both. If there is no interest in paying for a better experience, it doesn't mean that tekkit won't happen - just expect that we may end up in the same boat as that last server... you get what you pay for, and in our case, we got a LOT more than we paid for.
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Discussion in 'Tekkit (Minecraft)' started by Gorian, Aug 3, 2014.

What do YOU think about getting a NEW tekkit server?

Poll closed Aug 10, 2014.
  1. Yes, I'd LOVE a new tekkit server, and I can help contribute financially! (PAID)

    3 vote(s)
  2. Yes, I'd LOVE a new tekkit server, but I wont' be able to help pay at all :( (PAID)

    2 vote(s)
  3. Yes, I'd LOVE a new tekkit server, but I'd much rather go the free route again. (NOT-PAID)

    1 vote(s)
  4. No, I don't want a new tekkit server, and I'll explain why in the comments. (NONE)

    0 vote(s)
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  1. garler
    Free route cause I'm too poor to donate. YOLO
  2. Gorian
    So, paid route IS possible, even if you personally can't afford to pay :p depends on how many people would be interested. Free, if we can go that way again, would result in possibly the same issue as last time, random, uncontrollable outages, unexpected restarts, possible lag, and possible server death with no warning. Just an FYI :p
  3. Endemoni
    I think it would be a good idea to start a new server, and I'd be willing to make some contribution if we can find an affordable host with reasonable resources.
  4. garler
    I voted for the wrong thing, count 1 less free route vote and add it to new tekkit server but wont be able to help pay. xD
  5. Sandbag
    If we do go down the paid route could we focus less on bells and whistles this time. We wouldn't need such a resource intensive server if we didn't have the map for example and all the other extras. KISS
  6. TheWhiteSpirit
    i will like the new paid server but i cant help to pay for but why i would like it because there is a possible that there would hardly be lag and crashes and that would be good.
  7. Sandbag
    Update for anyone who wishes to know - Robby has agreed to host a Tekkit server on his box. It won't be as fancy as Gorian's but it will be there, and will have MCMyAdmin for whomever is Moderating.
  8. Gorian
    and, since robby tried to offer a server last time, and then vetoed every single thing I asked about (including forwarding ports to put the server on the default port, or having a DNS name point to his server, or add ANY mods or plugins), I will be getting my own server anyway , regardless of how many servers robby starts, or how many of you decided to join his. I believe in doing things the right way, and I plan on doing it that way, no matter how many people decided to do it sub-par.
  9. Supplice
    Whoa, back up. There is no need to be on the offensive towards a certain person or group when you came here knowing there were "divides" in {PR} and wanted to mend that. Robby has added mods and plugins to his Minecraft server in the past, I saw it for myself - shall I quote Psycho's policy?

    In the meantime, the Tekkit channel in TS has been removed and the Tekkit Admin group cleaned out until the situation is figured out. Whoever gets a server running first can get a channel made and people added to groups as needed, then with the next person another channel with aptly named channels - might I suggest a naming policy like we did with DayZ, ex being US.PR1, US.PR2? This is the time to work together as equals, not against each other as enemies.

    EDIT: Apologies, I had almost thought I dreamt that it was said the new Tekkit server would be a LANFest branded server rather than a {PR} branded one until I found the search bar, so unless that changes I suppose my naming policy suggestion is moot. However, the rest of my post above stands, be kind to one another.
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  10. Gorian
    I could really care less about any sort of rank supplice, and neither do the majority of my players (who are only PR becuase of me, because I ran a PR server) I care about my community and running a server the right way. If you wanna make it a competition - fine. I can always run my server as an NGD server, or a Phantom Aurora server, or a CKS server, there are lots of other options, and lots of other TeamSpeaks that I admin and run. This has nothing to to do with PR or who has the PR server - it has to do with the fact that I believe in doing things right or not at all, and in this case, I think that, given my experience with Robby, that's it's a poor choice.
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  11. Sandbag
    Supp, thanks - but not helping.


    1. Tekkit has been down for as long as it was up
    2. We have/had (they may have given up by now) an avid tekkit player base.
    4. You had little time to deal with Tekkit when you weren't working, why would you torture yourself by giving away your time now by managing another server?
    5. I'd like to see Tekkit be KISS approved. Server Up. People play. Server Down. Server Restart.
    6. For all your IT prowess ... not one single world backup.
    7. Having PR Branded servers is also about recruiting. If you do not wish to help grow the player base that is fine, but please do not post here about servers branded otherwise.

    Chill the fuck out or I'll get @PsychoAco up in this shiz. We all know how much he likes the ban hammer.
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  12. {PR} Liam
    Competition still exists in hosting servers??? -.- seems I havnt really missed much if this is still such. Been so damn busy.

    Sent from my Space Cadet Mind
  13. SloppyNapkin
    Just wanted to throw this out there. Sandbag has full control over the server I'm hosting. He already has it routed to a PR IP address, and I'm more than willing to add mods and plugins. The reason I didn't want to do that with the previous server, is that I was worried about the server taking up too many resources and causing the other servers to lag. If you guys have any questions about the decisions I make, just ask. I would much rather answer a few questions than cause a bunch of butthurt down the road. Now can we all be friends? :):):)
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  14. joepie91
  15. omeagasara
    i would love a tekkit server but I cant help pay till I get a job
  16. {PR} Liam
    If it's needed I am sure @Gorian still has that License I bought for the OLD server. Still usable? Perhaps. Prolly would have to hit him up.

    Nevermind I misunderstood the topic.
  17. Supplice
    If we can stop bumping old, dead topics - the only servers we still have currently running under the {PR} banner can be found (most recent updated list) in the TS, easily seen in the viewer to the right.

    Tekkit/other MC servers have been dead for awhile - the last couple seemingly abandoned. Though I'd give Sandy a PM if you're interested in his private server thing.

    Locking because irrelevance and dead.
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