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Teamspeak Troll"s" and "Solutions"

Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by Supplice, Oct 5, 2014.

  • by Supplice, Oct 5, 2014 at 2:10 AM
  • Supplice

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    As of recently we've been having a "rapid increase" of troll traffic with TS, though I'm seriously thinking it's one, maybe two trolls using VPN or some other method(s) to spoof their IP. If you look at recent ban reports on the site, you'll see Pingu being banned for racism for first entering under a name including the swastika symbols - he was banned from all of our services from a German-based VPN block as well as a home address, and yet popped up again recently while I was away. Trying to work with Saib on getting this solved.

    In the meantime - as kind of a temporary, hotfix/bandaid fix until Saib can help me get all this sorted out, I've made a temporary default load in channel for TS be one where it's a disaster of a codec, no talk perms, and people with only Guest group won't be able to move around in TS or anything. I'll make sure they can do things like PM/poke people, and there is a new group called "Friend of {PR}" so those that are around a lot but don't have any groups can be thrown in there. I'm gonna have to ask that Tris/Specialists help out in assigning our regulars to that group while we fish out the trolls, and I'll be adding the ability to Community and Channel Managers and Council Members to add people to Normal groups - I do read the logs a lot to look for this crap, I don't want to see it abused in any way, otherwise it gets snatched away as fast as it gets tacked on. If you have move perms (most here should) then you should be able to move people to your channel as well, I don't see why it would stop you from moving a guest, so keep that in mind as well.

    Apologies for this mess of a solution, but at least it stops the random music blasting while we're all trying to play games and such until it's all sorted out... and I'm sure if all else fails they will give up when they realize they can't do anything and the channel they are in says "Trolls with VPNs stay here ;)"
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Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by Supplice, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. garler
    Cen I habe tl;dr pls?
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  2. Supplice
    Council Members, Community Managers, and Channel Managers can now add people (and remove) to groups flagged as "Normal" - I ask, to help reduce the workload on the few "Server Admins" we have, that these individuals help make sure our regulars are not in the Guest group that will no longer be able to move around TS freely but rather are in the "Friend of {PR}" group. Notice that anybody found abusing the power will have it yanked away.
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  3. Sandbag
    Thanks, Supp

    sent through the air using science
  4. Gorian
    I run pfSense as a firwall/gateway/router. I can change/spoof my MAC to anything I want (usually, I'll choose a MAC from a NIC i have laying around in an extra parts box too ensure there will be no collision). Since my ISP uses DHCP, changing my MAC and rebooting results in a new IP lease. Done this once when I was somehow banned from a server (TeamSpeak I think - we were using a server host at the time, instead of hosting ourselves. Maybe the host had banned it? Who knows... The owner of the TeamSpeak was my best friend and obviously they didn't ban me)
  5. Weasel
    I seem to have lost my CM status on TS so am unable to do anything with it.